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General discussion forum / TS-480 & TS-2000
« on: 2009-09-24, 06:43:10 »
I have a TS-480 which I use with my remote rig pair.

I also have a TS-2000. Can I convert the radio unit or do something to share between these type of radios?

General discussion forum / Cable pinout convention
« on: 2009-09-16, 08:47:05 »

I have received my TS-480 remote rig. It has been assembled but it doesn't work at this time, probably because a cabling mistake.

I am confused with the wiring diagram shown in the web page and the kenwood warning.

Is the correct way to connect pins upon the standard pinout number order of a RJ45? Ot it has to be inverted on theTS-480 mic side keeping the standard oreder on the RRC side?

With my "wrong cables" nothing happens. Ethernet connection beetwen units is ok. I can access both units from a PC connected to the same switch.

AUX led doesn't show connected status. Is the connection also established even if there is no cable connected to the RR? When the connection is established?. Is there any way to force it?

Thanks in advance



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