Author Topic: Ethernet port not functioning and causing port problems with computers  (Read 3939 times)


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I am installing a TS-480 radio in our county EOC with the radio remote linked from our radio room back to the equipment room.   In attempting to set up and very this system before total install I have found that I have no Ethernet connectivity to either the Remote or the Control boxes.   The first computer I attempted to use ended up having an Ethernet port problem so a second computer that was working fine a few hours before in another application is not also showing Ethernet Problems.   I have tried different cables including Null cables with no results. 

I have attempted upgrading the firm ware however when attempting to use the USB connection I kept getting an Error Code 31 and found that I needed to upgrade these boxes via the Ethernet Port.   With the Ethernet ports apparently not working I am out of ideas.

The boxes have the following serial numbers and firm ware versions:

Control box is 3477 with firm ware 2.32
Remote box is 3355 with firm ware 2.33

This set was just purchased within the last 30 days

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as we really need to the this EOC radio system installed and functional.


Vern Smith  KA7DCQ
Clark County, Wa.  CCARES/RACES  AEC/ARO
Clark County EOC  Team 9  Team Leader


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Hi Vern

Im sure the ethernet ports are working, i guess you need to set the ip numbers to fit into your network. Use the Micobit Setup Manager to change the ip addresses of the RRC:s. With ip config you can check how your PC is configured. This is described in the manual also. If your pc has a ip-adress like you must change the ip of the RRC to match that network for example give them ip and (the first 3 groups should be the same as your pc) also give them the same net mask as you pc has. The other way is to change your PCs ip to a fixed ip that match the RRC.s for example and netmask when you are in contact with them you can upgrade the firmware via the web interface. After it's once upgraded you can upgrade with USB also if you want.

73 de mike


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Send me a mail at dj0qn (at) and I will send you my latest checklist to
help you get started. This may help you locate your problem.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX