Author Topic: Remoterig for repair  (Read 4596 times)


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Remoterig for repair
« on: 2011-12-30, 06:22:26 »

I have a Remoterig "radio" that does not power up. This happened after I was hit by lightning, damaging one Remoterig, but the other was not even connected to same radio, yet it will not power up. When I apply 12V to it, I can feel some components heat up as if power was being applied to them. What I think is the CPU (largest chip) feels warm to the touch. Is there a fuse? I believe the unit will power up if the "soft fuse" is replaced, but where is it and how can I fix it? Otherwise what is the cost of having the unit repaired? Since I am in FLorida, not sure if it's worth the cost of having it serviced. Let me know.


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Re: Remoterig for repair
« Reply #1 on: 2011-12-30, 08:33:31 »

If it's hit by a lightning it's not worth repairing it. Specially if the CPU and PHY is Hot. Send me a email and will give you a fair price for a replacement pcb.

73 de mike