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Reset 1216H password or factory reset procedure?

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How do I change a stored password or is there a "BIOS-reset" function,
to start over from a "clean table"? Spent a few days with 1216H in two
environments, and finally got to a login page, but did not mark down
the automatically generated password, so cannot make any changes.
Did not find any Master-Reset or jumper on the PC-board (year 2010).

Cheers/73, "Zaba" OH1ZAA

Jan (Microbit):
Not sure what you mean? Which "automatically generated password" are you referring to?

Hello Jan,

1216H from 2010 (OH3MHA), first thing done: firmware upgrade to 2.0 early early this week.

Default IP --- In DynDNS setup window password was automatically generated.

Later I copy-pasted this password into the IP setup window; maybe should not have done it?

Anyway, need to get back to a clean table, to make new trials and errors....    73, "Zaba"

Jan (Microbit):
The Webswitch 1216H can be factory reset by using the Setup Manager-program:

Connect the Webswitch to the PC via USB.

Run Microbit Setup Manager.

Select "Set default settings" from the "Advanced" menu and answer "Yes" to the "Are you sure" question.

Optionally: Configure the network settings if for ex. another IP than default is needed.

Thanks Jan!

Reset worked immediately. I did not recognize the word "Advanced"
as an active tab in the Setup software; easy to overlook up there, hi!

Many thanks and cheers/73, "Zaba" OH1ZAA


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