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IK2DED Giulio:
I want to buy a set of RRC-1258MkIIs, but this pair work for all the radio?
So, why there are a pair only for Yaesu twin, and a pair for K3 twin?
If i use a pair of 1258MKIIs not twin, i may use all the radio that i have in my station and also a twin Yaesu FT950/2000 or K3, changing the SW, or only all the other?
So changing the radio i need also to change the 1258?
I have had for many years remote station, analogical 20 years ago with a twin of Icom, with many SHF link, and now with HRD and IPSOUND, and also a custom CW interface for use the cw with pc.
But i'm boring to switch pc on, ipsound and start HRD, and becouse in the past i was using two Icom, the feel to use a twin set of radio is a different way to use a remote, i dont like to much use HRD or any other PC SW.
Many thanks and sorry for my simple question.
73 Giulio


To use two Yaesu in twin setup for example FT2000-FT2000 you must have the Yaesu Twin package.
All other are the same and Yaesu twin version work for all other combinations.

K3-Twin is standard version but with all cables included in one package.

73 de mike

IK2DED Giulio:
Hi Mike, and many thanks for reply.
Its all ok now, i'll buy a Yaesu twin and then if i change radio i can use them for all the other equipment.
Another question, the remoted station now are used by many OM, we are 4 om.
So the future configuration may be one Yaesu 950 in remote site, one in my shack, with the 1258 Yaseu twin, but what the other OM need to buy to use the station from a PC and HRD?
Many thanks again.


I recommend them to use a Standard RRC-1258MkIIs Control RRC to be able to use CW and all other features. It's  also possible to use the RRC-Micro PC-Client with it's limitations.

73 de mike


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