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how to delete profiles?

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I now have 3 useless profiles due to playing around with the settings at different locations. When choosing one of those the access is blocked and I have to use the setup manager via USB to get to the default profile. How to delete profiles? And how to rename them?
73,  Thomas  DL7AV

Jan (Microbit):
From version 2.52 you don't have to give user name and password immediately after changing profile. That will allow you to change user name and/or password before applying settings and so unlock the profile.

Profiles can't be deleted. Renaming is possible, just change the name in the text box and hit Submit.

Thank you Jan. But there may be a misunderstanding. As you said I changed from default profile to the profile that does not give me access, but did not submit. Then I changed my password in the IP settings and applied. Same result, the profile does not work because it is looking for a wrong network (as I can see in the “Net info” in the setup manager). Any way to change the settings of the profiles which look for a different network? Factory reset??
73,  Thomas DL7AV

Jan (Microbit):
So "blocked" means the profile you change to has the wrong IP settings for the network the RRC is in?  Or do I misunderstand you once again? ;)  If not then it  sounds to me like you just have to change to the profile in question, change its IP settings, submit and finally apply settings.

"So "blocked" means the profile you change to has the wrong IP settings for the network the RRC is in?" YES
This is the exact info:

profile: “default”, good connection
IP address

profile: “dl7av”, must be changed or deleted, wrong network settings. By Setup Manager:
IP address:
Netmask   :
Gateway   :
DNS       :


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