Author Topic: Blinking light on power indicator  (Read 3819 times)


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Blinking light on power indicator
« on: 2012-02-24, 00:05:25 »
Good Evening
Has anyone used the Remote rig with a DSL line (750K Download 250k Upload). The light on the remote side (kenwood 480 head) of the house blinks and everything has a 2 second delay. Audio reports are broken audio! Any feedback is welcome! Steve K2HQ


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Re: Blinking light on power indicator
« Reply #1 on: 2012-02-24, 00:57:41 »

750k/250k should be enough if it really is 250k but you can set audio quality to 0 to check if it's the problem. But first the PWR LED should not blink.  I guess you have NOT set dns IP OK, in most cases it should be the same as Gateway IP but not always. Check on the status page, what it says about dns status.

73 de mike