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I use TS-480SAT and RRC-1258MkII. I have got the following problem:
remote transmission via internett suddenly got several "time outs" of 2-5 second. I thought it might be wise to upgrade firmware. I have V.2.28. Can i go directly to last version for upgrade, or do i have to upgrade all versions between 2.28 and the newest one? I can't make QSO's, in fear of cutting the connection.
Any other suggest than upgrade the firmware???

73 de Per LA4ESA

Timeouts is probably caused by the Internet connection not the firmware. But upgrade anyway there are lot of enhancements since 2.28. You can upgrade direct, but check up your settings afterwards. When upgrading so many versions the settings can be affected

73 de mike

Thank's Mike, i'l do this; upgrade direct to V.2.55 and download latest manual to check settings.


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