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LP-Bridge and Comm2 on the control Remoterig box


I've got my remoterig boxes up and running well. Now I'm trying to get LP-Bridge going to I can share access to the K3's serial port with both TRX-Manager and N1MM Logger at the same time. If I run my installation of LP-Bridge locally i.e. the laptop physically connected to the K3's RS232 port via an Edgeport USB --> serial adaptor LP-Bridge works as expected and is flawless.

However, when I try to use Comm2 on the control remoterig box with LP-Bridge it's  tells me it can't find the K3. Any single program I choose to run works dandy.  IDEAS?

Gene, KB7Q

Hi Gene,

I will give you a couple of tips to help you out.

1) You are running in normal K3 remote mode and not in K3 Twin mode.
2) You are passing CAT over COM2 on both RRC's

Bottom line: you do not need LP-Bridge in that configuration.

Tip #1: TRX-Manager has a sync feature already integrated in the program, similar to LP-Bridge.
Go to Parameters --> Setup --> Syncro tab. There you can sync the CAT to two other serial
ports that you define on this tab. For example, I sync both an SPE Expert and SteppIR using this
feature in one of my setups. These two sync ports also do not have be be running at the same
baud rate as the CAT or to each other.

Tip #2: You can route CAT from the RRC's COM2 port in parallel to COM1. All you do is to change
the serial settings in the control RRC COM1 to mode-6 and plug the serial cable into COM1 (remember the
pins are backwards, since the connector is the opposite type).

If you have any further questions, just let me know.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Hi Mitch,
Thanks for the quick replay. Yes your assumptions are correct i.e. normal K3 remote mode, NOT K3 twins and CAT is passing nicely over Com2 both ways. I'm using the RCC front panel USB port for Com2.
RCC Virtual Comport is mapped to com7 in the computer
RCC Com0 to com9
RCC Comq to 8

My goal is to get TRX-Manager and N1MM Logger accessing the remote K3 at the same time. I tried setting up the TRX-Sync (TIP #1) and I'm just missing an important point there somehow.

Tip #2 I understand and I'll have to rustle up the proper cable to give that a try. I'm hoping to save Com1 for rotor control down the road.

I'm using a fair 3G link on the control side of things for testing, and a good DSL at the rig end. When I go back to playing with LP-Bridge it kills the audio for a second as if it bhas a data overload, and then tells me "Can not connect to K3". I should probably find a second DSL connection at a friend's house and see how LP-Bridge acts on that or put both boxes back on the same wired network and see what happens.

Thanks for moving me along, I know I'm close!
Gene, KB7Q

EUREKA! The crappy 3G connection would get swamped when I tried to use LP-Bridge and start the K3 connection on the control side. I put both RCC boxes back on the same wired Ethernet network, jiggered the IP addresses back to the same network and off we go! Both N1MM Logger and TRX-Manager chatting away nicely with the K3 all via the USB port to Com2.

Gene, KB7Q


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