Author Topic: New software for the RRC-Micro PC client released (v1.5.2)  (Read 4843 times)


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2012-04-26 PC-Client 1.5.2


Changed COM Mode text. ‘Char-by-Char (Avoid this)’ to ‘Char-by-Char (Uses high bandwidth)’ which describes the drawback with this mode better than just ‘Avoid this’. However sometimes the higher bandwidth usage is of no concern as for rotator control.

Moved the control of profiles valid com ports to the event when its actually used. This means when you click on connect. This to avoid messages about invalid ports on start up which can be a bit confusing.

Removed the Save button from Profile editor. Changes are always saved now.


In some rare cases the program was started “Off-Screen” after installation. Introduced a check that will prevent this.

CW-keyer only worked on first call after program start. This bug was introduced in 1.5.0

In previous versions it was not possible to reconnect a third party program as HRD during a call. This has been fixed.

Download here