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Satellite Internet config
« on: 2012-09-18, 23:40:57 »
Hello all,

I am asking a question to those who have used or are using a high latency Internet connection at one end to the Remote Rig pair. I am trying to get the control end of a pair with a TS-480 to work over a Satellite Internet connection. Is this even possible? The reason I am asking is this. I am working with our county's emergency services director and we would like to setup a grab kit for the TS-480 to use with the mobile/portable command post. These command posts can be fed with either a 3G connection or a Sat link for the extreme rural areas. We would like to know so we can utilize the current radio / Remote Rig pair instead of the setup for individual radio / antenna setups for the command posts.

Your thoughts?


WW2DX (Lee)

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Re: Satellite Internet config
« Reply #1 on: 2012-09-19, 14:51:45 »
Hi Bryan,

My experience with satellite is between 300-400ms of latency. So figure a half a second delay. I have had successful skype and other voip comms via satellite but it can be trying. I have not done any remoterig comms via satellite. On the other hand, we use 3g/4g quite often with remote rig and have great success. If you have cell network then definitely use that over the satellite. Also, you can use long range point to point microwave or wifi.

73 Lee


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Re: Satellite Internet config
« Reply #2 on: 2012-09-19, 19:12:25 »
Actually, it is more. A geosynchronous orbit is 40,000 km, the speed of light is 300,000 km/s. The signal must travel back and forth twice for total of 160,000 km, not including ground travel and network latency. The travel time alone requires therefore about 530 ms of latency, plus the other factors, or a minimum of 600 ms latency.

If using 3G in addition, these networks generally add another 75-200 ms of latency, giving this upwards of one second of total latency.

Since RemoteRig becomes very difficult to use above 100 ms of latency (especially for CW) and often is unusable even on some 3G networks, I would not recommend using it via satellite.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX