Author Topic: No PPT when WIFI card installed on IC 2820  (Read 2488 times)


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No PPT when WIFI card installed on IC 2820
« on: 2012-12-10, 23:46:19 »
Need help!

When i install the WIFI card in the RRC Controll, it's not possible to activate TX when using PTT.
The radio is an IC 2820.

1. When I power up the RCC, i get the red light on the wifi card.
2. The web info page shows that the card is in place.
3. I can then connect to my wifi network via the wifi card, and the radio will power on.
4. I can't get the  PTT / TX  to work.
5. When i remove the wifi card, PTT/TX works just fine. (via ethernet)

The RRC Controll has the 14 pin connector.

Without the wifi module my RCC's works fine, i use them every day.

73 de LA8JRA
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