Author Topic: Rotator control working - Rotator image (Dial) is Disabled - Help Please  (Read 3216 times)


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I am using the RC-1216H with the Green Heron RT-21 Digital Rotor Controller.  Remote control is working on PC and android cell at the URL by inserting degree heading or using on screen pre-set buttons to direct antenna N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW.  Only defect is that the dial indicator is disabled.  How do I enable the dial pointer?
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Jan (Microbit)

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It could be that the wiring is not ok. If the wire used to send serial data from the rotor to the RC-1216H is faulty then you would see such a behavior, i.e it is possible to control the rotor but there will be no degree indication available.
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