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App functions: More info please.

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Hi !
Im not sure about the functions available from the app.
Can I monitor additional added (more than 2) temperature sensors from the Iphone ? Only 2 are shown in the "temp" menu (AppStore screen dump) !
The same goes for the NEXA RC switches; If I connect 7 pcs switches to the system, then I got 12 buttons on my Iphone ?? or... ?

Anyone got screen dump (or photos) from Iphone with similar configuration ?


Jan (Microbit):
The screen dumps are just examples so the actual numbers of shown sensors/relays/etc are dynamic, so if your system has for ex. 10 temperature sensors then 10 are displayed etc.

Thank You very much for the swift reply   :D
I just checked the DEMO and added extra functions...and then like just like You said I see them right away in my Iphone.
Now I have to look more into the NEXA features.
Is it possible to "remove" the antenna part from the NEXA PCB and by shielded coax cable install an external antenna somewhere else in the house (or outdoor) ?

(I better move the question myself to the hardware forum)

For the Iphone App: Why is the "car warm up" temperature = 0.00 ??


Jan (Microbit):
Now the reply took a little longer ;)

What do you mean with " car warm up temperature = 0.00"? You should see the same temp as you see om the web page.

My Iphone App is connected to Your Demo  (Demo Microbit).
In the "Temp" page I see 2 temp. sensors with the sensor names.
If I change the name (from web page) then I reload the page on my Iphone and see the change right away.
But the temperature reading is steady...even when I do a reload.
I have to close the App completely and restart it before I see any temp. change in the phone.
- Any delay in the transmitting of temperatures ??

About the CarWarmUp (CWU) I only see the reading "0.00" no matter what I change in the web page or from the Iphone ???
- ??


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