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App functions: More info please.

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Jan (Microbit):

--- Quote from: David on 2013-02-28, 13:10:57 ---My Iphone App is connected to Your Demo  (Demo Microbit).
In the "Temp" page I see 2 temp. sensors with the sensor names.
If I change the name (from web page) then I reload the page on my Iphone and see the change right away.
But the temperature reading is steady...even when I do a reload.
I have to close the App completely and restart it before I see any temp. change in the phone.
- Any delay in the transmitting of temperatures ??

--- End quote ---
There is a bug in the current version which cause the reload button not to work. We are about to publish an updated version but Apple is sooo slow...

--- Quote from: David on 2013-02-28, 13:10:57 ---About the CarWarmUp (CWU) I only see the reading "0.00" no matter what I change in the web page or from the Iphone ???
- ??

--- End quote ---
Could it be the fact that we have had 0.0C degrees here lately? Right now both the App and web page show 1.3C

Looking forward to see the updates for the iOS app  :)

About the CWU function... Hmm..I guess if the temp sensor value on the web page is 1.3, then I expect to read the same value on the Iphone CWU display !

Something else: Is it possible to read the value (high/low) from the digital inputs from the Iphone..maybe in the new release ?

I better soon buy a Webswitch 1216H-2 myself to practise some of its great functions IRL  :)
Any hardware update comming up in a near future ?

Jan (Microbit):
Yes, we saw the same values on the web page and in the App.

Reading the digital inputs will be added too, though it might not make it to the coming version but the following. (Meanwhile you can get a Windows Phone since that App supports that already! ;) ;) )

No hardware changes are planned in the near future.


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