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I am using the RC-1216H for controlling the SteppIR antenna via the SteppIR controller (DATA IN/DATA OUT interface).
If I am opening my webbrowser (IE or Google Chroma) I can access the webpage of the RC-1216H. But after a while (about 15 secs or so) the green Online LED on the webpage stops blinking and restars after a while. It seems that the RC-1216H looses the connection to my browser or the 1216H Webserver hangs up. How can that be???

Even with the WebSwitch 1216H I have the same problem. After I have connected the Webserver of the WebSwitch I am loosing the remote connection and I have to restart (reload or open the webpage again) the webpage.

It is really annyoing and I don't have any idea to solve that problem.
Thanks for your  help!

Jan (Microbit):
It seems to me that the network connection between your PC and the RC-1216H and/or 1216H is not working well, which then will cause "lost connection". The network connection needs to fast enough be able to deliver replies to the status requests sent by RC-1216H/1216H in order for the connection to stay active.

Do you experience delays at other times? For ex. when browsing other pages of the devices?

Dear Jan

Beside the RC1216H and Webswitch 1216H I am using the RRC-1258MkIIs which works pretty well.
I am loosing the connection to the RC1216H and Webswitch even when nothing other is on duty (no Ethernet traffic) on my remote site. That means the ADLS modem/router is in idle mode (1500kbps down/150kbps up).

I am under the impression that the Java-Script called by the RC1216H webpage produces some traffic jam due to timeouts. The Java Script calls a recursive function with timer settings (500ms, 1000ms). Could these timer settings (or timeout settings) cause the traffic jam and blocks my remote site router?
I do understand that the webpage caller (Source) sends every second a status request to the RC1216 (Destination) and counts up therefore the port number (Source port). But is it really necessary to do so every second for live status requests?

Thank you for your reply!

Kind regards

Jan (Microbit):
The word "live" in live status requests implies that the updates should ideally be instantly, so the one second timeout was chosen as a "compromise" giving a visual feedback which is not too slow making people think the system did not react to commands while still not overload both the device itself and the connection.

This subject was brought up elsewhere also and I got access to a system showing similar symptoms which led to some changes made in the Javascript in order to better handle situations with slow network responses. If you force a reload of the web page you should get the new script and then you can see if it behaves nicer. Still there will be a need for a network access with as low response times as possible.

Hi Jan

Thanks a lot for your support. I appreciate it very much!
Now it's a little bit better and my webpages get not blocked so often but I have still some trouble.
If I pinging my remote site (to my remote ADLS Modem) than I will get a reply time of about 33ms (with 32bytes packets). That seems to me pretty quick. Furthermore I have a continous data stream without timeouts even with larger ping packets (1000 bytes).

But as soon as I start the RC1216H (for SteppIR controlling) or the Webswitch 1216H (for Rotor controlling) after a certain time I get timeouts and the webpages of the RC1216H or Webswitch get disconnected and my ADSL router will be blocked. The ping time increases dramatically to >500ms per ping or I get even timeouts.
The data normally sent by RC1216H are just a few bytes (20 bytes to about 500 bytes per frame).

I just wondering if the latency times of the webservers of the RC1216H (or the Webswitch) are short enough to respond to the ACK- and SYN-packets? Respectively I am wondering if the refresh time (Timeouts) specified in the Java scripts are still to short.

Unfortunately I get also lots of TCP checksum errors if I am tracking the Ethernet packets with Wireshark. Formerly I disabled the TCP offload in the network settings and therefore I couldn't see the errors. Maybe this information helps.

Somtehing is still strange with the webservers and I would be very happy if we could solve my problem.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards


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