Author Topic: PTT on/off when first connected  (Read 1694 times)


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PTT on/off when first connected
« on: 2013-11-20, 17:14:49 »
Hi, I am new to the forum and don't know if anyone had similar problem with K3 in twin configuration. Whenever I establish connection to the RemoteRig, the TX on remote K3 gets keyed on and off very fast. This condition can last for a minute or two, depending how cold is the room temperature at the remote site. It gets more prominent now in the late fall. During this time the control of K3 is very sluggish. VFO frequency tracking is slow, commands are barely accepted, and then after few minutes, everything starts working fine. I guess RemoteRig just warms up.

I narrowed it down to the remote side of RemoteRig, as I tested it with two different control RemoteRigs and different K0/K3. Also the remote K3 does not have any issues when started cold without RemoteRig wiring.

At the remote site, I discovered that this keying comes from the serial port line between RemoteRig and K3. Once I unplug the serial cable, the keying stops, but when I plug the cable back into RemoteRig the TX keying on/off does not come back with the same frequency. It flickers once or twice and then disappears. I have no luxury doing this trick when not at remote site.

Not sure if this is a cold-solder inside RemoteRig or some bug. Has anyone experienced something like this? Any ideas?

Denny, KX7M