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WebSwitch Basic 1216H relay fault prevention


I want to use the "WebSwitch basic" for remotely selecting one of 5 antennas. I currently have a manual DXengineering selector switch. It has one wire to each of 5 relays. A 5 position rotary switch provides 12 Volts to any desired relay as they are selected.
My question is:
Can I use the "WebSwitch Basic" to do the same thing? Let the switch provide 12 Volts (one at a time) to any one of 5 relay outputs?
I'm pretty confident that it will work for this, however I am concerned that it doesn't have protection built into the software to prevent it from selecting 2 or more relays at a time. I know there is a selection on the setup that says "allow more than one relay to be selected" Y/N.
I did select this on your test box, but there were a couple of times that I went back to the relay set page and saw number 1 and 2 both turned on at the same time. This worries me as it would probably burn up my antenna selector box.
Any thoughts?

Jan (Microbit):
The  "allow more than one relay to be selected" feature is only valid for the manual selection of relays on the "Set Relays" page, meaning that if some other setting is configured to use more than one relay simultaneously that settings will override " allow more than one relay to be selected".

In the case with our test box if you look at the settings for the rotator preselects 6-8 you will see that they are set up to activate more than one relay simultaneously so that is the most plausible explanation to why you saw two or relays being "on". If you only use the manual "Set Relays" page and nothing else is set up to activate the relays then it should be ok.

Thanks Jan,

I had a sneaking suspicion that something like that was going on.


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