Author Topic: Control Head TS-480 and Dongle/Software  (Read 3373 times)


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Control Head TS-480 and Dongle/Software
« on: 2013-07-08, 05:19:04 »
Howdy from Bill in Montana.  Is there any special setting to set up the remote rig on a TS-40 so one can use the control head/Remote rig box or a Dongle/software ????  Right now the Control Head is work fine and when we tried to use the Dongle/software everything locked up on the remote site and control head cannot lot in !!!!  I will have to go up to the remote site and reset the Remoterig/Radio tomorrow...

I think I got the information correct in that a Control head/Remoterig and a Dongle/software can be logged in at the same time but only the Control head/Remoterig can control the radio. When he logs off, the Dongle/Software can now control the radio???

Thanks  Bill Erhardt K7MT Helena, Mt.


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Re: Control Head TS-480 and Dongle/Software
« Reply #1 on: 2013-07-08, 07:57:38 »

You only have to set up com2 to mode 4 with the right baudrate settings in the Radio-RRC nothing else need to be changed, You also need to connect a CAT cable from COM2 to the TS-480 cat port. You can alternate between control panel and RRC-Micro but not connect them at the same time. The Radio RRC never hangs up, if you cannot reach it it's because of something else probably the router or modem.

73 de mike