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Android WebSwitch Pro 1.0 released
« on: 2013-08-22, 08:22:04 »
The Pro version of the Android App for the WebSwitch has been released

Webswitch 1216H Pro is a remote controlled switch with 5 relay outputs (230V/16A)
which can be controlled independently via the built in home page from any network
connected device having a web browser(PC, Smart phone, etc). The Webswitch is fully
standalone and is connected directly to the local network. Webswitch 1216H may also
be controlled by this android application. The app contains 8 pages with controls.

ACP - Automatic Control Programs
CarWarmUp - Control of car engine warmers
Humitidy - Humidity reader
Input - Relay input reader
Relay - Relay reader and controller
Rotor - Rotor controller
Temp - Temperature reader
Settings - Settings for connections to any number of WebSwitches

Get it at WebSwitch 1216H Pro at Google Play

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