Author Topic: Dell Laptop doesn't see 1274A  (Read 5772 times)


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Dell Laptop doesn't see 1274A
« on: 2013-07-04, 01:01:46 »
I got all my cables replaced for the two internet lines I have at my home.  One is dedicated to Remoterig. Previously I was able to connect to the RRC Radio through PC micro and launch HRD but there was intermittent audio only.  Once the cable guy left, I plugged in the PC micro and now the Laptop doesn't identify the PC micro device.  I have started and restarted and it just won't recognize the device.  The virtual ports which disappeared previously are now back.  Any thoughts on how I can get the laptop to see the PC Micro 1274A.

Please advise.



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Re: Dell Laptop doesn't see 1274A
« Reply #1 on: 2013-08-15, 10:34:26 »
Seems you did not get any replies. Do you still have this problem?
Always include type of hard/software and version when asking for support.