Author Topic: RRC 1258 + UMTS  (Read 3828 times)


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RRC 1258 + UMTS
« on: 2010-04-20, 09:03:13 »

Is it possible to use the RRC 1258 system even when on the server side only a UMTS / HSDPA - access is available?
Which traffic is in the reception, - and causing transmission case?
Background, in Germany there are no real mobile flat rates, that is, after 5 GB of traffic per month is reduced, the access speed to GPRS standard.

Sorry for my bad english...

73 Steffen - DM2DX


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Re: RRC 1258 + UMTS
« Reply #1 on: 2010-04-21, 23:26:57 »
I have so far managed to control from a remote site via O2 UMTS/HSPDA my rig, which is connected on a DSL link (6 Mbps downstream/768 kbps up-stream). It works with acceptable quality in Mode 0. Transmissions of the display goes a bit delayed and I have observed up to 400 kbps peak rate when moving the VFO knob. I am now using a CAT SW (HRD) or IRC for control via the COM Interface. This works quite fine. Take care, that you are always loged into your Homezone - otherwise you can experience a very high bill - it happened to me...

I have not managed a connection the other way around - to control the remote rig through a remote UMTS/HSPDA connection due to network issues on the UMTS provider side. They are using proxy servers which translate the IP-adresses and therefore I cannot reach the remote site with an incoming connection set-up. If someone has managed that - I am really interested to understand the set-up.