Author Topic: MMTTY sends out only singe tone  (Read 5094 times)


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MMTTY sends out only singe tone
« on: 2013-09-12, 19:36:01 »
I am using yaesu twin remoterig setup. Control site has FT-2000 and radio site has FTDX9000.
CW and SSB work properly. MMTTY receives properly. Problem is that when I try to transmit using MMTTY using FSK the transmitted signal is only a single tone. I would appreciate any suggestions as to the problem and how to fix it.
thanks, Fred VE3PIE


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Re: MMTTY sends out only singe tone
« Reply #1 on: 2014-04-18, 22:28:43 »
I don't want if you have already found a solution but I don't visit the forum so often... Anyway...
I suppose that you try to work fsk. It is supposed that you have connected the usb cable to your control remoterig. This way you have a com port called something like comfsk. This is the port you must use in mmtty as ptt-fsk port. Also under misc you must have com-txdfsk selected and inside that limited speed. See my setup here
It is old but maybe you get a better idea what I am saying