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PC Client questions
« on: 2010-07-10, 16:52:07 »
Your PC Client should be a big winner!

Questions:  When 1258 is available in stereo (still August?), will the PC Client also be stereo?

What is purpose of red button (PTT?).  If so, can alternate methods be used for PTT (ie foot switch or VOX)?

Maybe I missed it, but what is price of the RCC1258 plus PC Client?


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Re: PC Client questions
« Reply #1 on: 2010-07-10, 17:44:04 »

The dual RX (stereo) version RRC1258MkII will be available in mid August. The PC-Klient will support dual RX but not in August.

Red Button is PTT, and it's the only way to "PTT" today, remember this is first release, and the development will continue.

I still recommend using the boxes for fixed operation and the RRC-Micro as an option for travelling etc.

Prices are shown at the webshop

73 de mike