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My radio (TS-480) RRC is connected via mobile broadband (3G), and has been so for almost 3 years without any problems. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5.

It's a bit difficult to get connection with radio RRC. 3 attempts of 10 succeeds.  It seems to be easier to connect with radio RRC when the phone is using wifi than on 3G.

But once I'm connected, it works fine. I have made a couple QSO
I am very interested in an RRC nano app with more features.

SM0HXB / Göran

When connection fails. Is the green lamp turned on and you have no sound, or does the green lamp stay blue?

I have tried connecting my TS-480 through my mobile 3G/4G hotspot and although it always triggers the radio oscillating on/off, I only ever once had a successful working connection. Normal WiFi always works.

I would love to see an expanded Nano app for the TS-480 with rotator control.

I would like to know how SM0HXB connects his Remoterig through the phone but using WiFi rather than phone 3G. I have a Galaxy express and can't forward a WiFi connection through the phones hotspot, only a cellular 3g/4g connection.


The webswitch 1216H works perfect for remote rotator control, Just browse it from a web browser. I don't think RRC-Nano will Include Rotator control as there is already a solution for it. The Webswitch 1216H is like a Swiss army knife it can be used for antenna switching, rotator control, 4-SQ control, K9AY control, Beverage selector, temperature control and many, many other things

73 de mike

Jan (Microbit):
In addition to using a web browser to control the Webswitch there are also an Android(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=microbit.webswitch.r2&hl=en) and a Windows Phone App(http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/webswitch-1216h/3e0ce5fe-e56c-4a93-b85f-27231516027b) which makes controlling rotators easy.


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