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What happens after te 1 month trial? RRC-Nano is brilliant!

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My father (VK4AES) uses the Android RRC-Nano app all the time. He has cancer and didn't have the energy to get to the ham shack any more. He used the MicroRig for a while (in hospital) and it was absolutely brilliant (with TS-480 head).

The Nano app has actually changed his life as he has started running a net in the mornings again from the phone.

The only criticism is that the phone mic is too sensitive and overloads if you speak too close. You can turn the radio input down but then I can't use properly from the TS-480 head.

I myself, have a Galaxy Express and the features work except audio rx (tx is fine), I have tried different settings but same result with various WiFi and hotspots etc. My father's phone (Galaxy S5) has no issues except mentioned above.

What happens after the one month trial? We have to keep this app going :))



Im glad that your father found the RRC-nano App useful. Our intention was to have the next version ready within the trial month, and then release it as a "pay" version but we have not been able to spend time enough on the development, so I guess we will extend the trial period another month.

We have a Gallaxy Express here and it works perfect.

73 de mike


My RRC nano has stopped working. I guess it depends on the trial period has ended.
Will it be a new demo version, or can you extend the trial period.


our intention was to have a "pay" version ready for sale when the month expired, but we have not had time to work on it so we will release a new version with another month trial ASAP.

73 de mike


Thanks for that Mike.
Have a nice weekend.



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