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CAT/COM port splitter for TS-480?


Maybe Mitch might know - or anyone...

I'm using the CAT port from the TS-480 for the Bandmaster III in order to convert CAT info from the rig to band Data for automatic antenna switching whenever I choose a different band.

I'd like to use the new Nano, but my CAT port on the TS-480 is in use. Is there a COM/CAT splitter that will allow me to connect the Nano (thru the RRC Control/Radio COM port and still retain my CAT connection to the Bandmaster III?

Thanks much!!!

dave :)


Connect the Bandmaster to Radio-RRC Com1 and set it to mode 6 then you get the function you are asking for. be aware of the pin config of com1

73 de mike

Hi Dave,

I was busy the last few days, sorry.

Mike already answered, but I need to add that COM1 needs to be changed to mode-6 or mode-7 to
make COM1 work. This essentially duplicates CAT in parallel from COM2 to COM1. Note that you can
make COM1 a different baud rate than COM2, which helps with some stubborn devices.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Thanks, Mike and Mitch. Just a little more clarity before I perform your suggestions...

I have a rotator controller on COM 2. Will COM 2 be untouched?

Plus, will I leave the CAT connection on the TS-480 empty?


dave :)

That won't work, Dave. CAT must be on COM2 to work with the Nano.

Then you have to decide if you run the rotator on COM1 and use another means such as a
y-cable to sync the Bandmaster, or else use COM1 for the sync and buy a separate serial server
for the rotator.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


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