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After some testing of RRC-Nano app with KENWOOD TS480 (with latest app auto! updates of Kenwood V104 and Server V110) on my SONY Xperia T3, have the following comments:
- Operation is FB via WiFi or LTE/4G, with good audio quality.
- SIP connection is seldomly succesfull on first attempt, need for some more tries.
- After SIP disconnection have always the unneccessary message: SIP error
- Android backspace is not working. Need to close app using CLOSE RECENT APPS icon, or is it a more efficient way?
- After disconnecting the app, the TS480 display is inactive for approx 1 minute and beeping if switched on in between.
  Wonder how to maybe overcome this dead period.
- As CW operator on 6m, I would like VERY MUCH to test also CW mode on TX, before buying a licence...
- The licence cover also any future app updates??
73 Costas

Jan (Microbit):
Thank you for feedback!

We will change the back button behavior so it will exit the app(or rather put the app in background).

The SIP error you get when disconnecting is indicating that the app fails to close the SIP session and so the RRC will remain in its connected state until it times out due to lack of audio being streamed. That is why you cannot reconnect again due to the RRC still thinking it is connected.

Would it be possible for you to provide us with the information needed for us to try connecting to your RRC and see what happens from here? If so then PM me the info.

Also, I assume your RRC has firmware version 2.81?

Regarding the "The licence cover also any future app updates?" we don't intend to charge for updates in general, though we cannot promise free upgrades "forever" if there will be new versions with significant feature changes etc. In such cases the upgrade fee will of course be lower than buying a new license."

73 de mike

Mike and Jan, many tnx for your reply and related info.
Jan, I upgraded RRCs firmware from 2.75 to 2.81, as you pointed out, but I still have same indication of "SIP error" on connect/disconnect operation.
I also observed that the "BAND" up/down buttons of NANO are very erratic and although beeping, the band is not changing accordingly and I have to repeat pushing the button several times. All other NANO buttons are working just fine...
I will PM soon to you info to check remotely my Radio RRC config, as you suggested.
73 Costas

GA Jan.
After the automatic update of RRC NANO S to V111 and K to V105 on my SONY Xperia T3 V442, all my previous remarks are now cured:
- SIP connection is now succesfull on first attempt, either using WiFi or 3G-LTE/4G.
- After SIP disconnection I DONT have anymore the message: SIP error
- Android backspace is working OK.
- After disconnecting the NANO app, the TS480 display is now active immediately.
- The BAND switching buttons are working at once.
- Audio is present immediately, no need to slide volume bar.
Jan, many thanks for working on all these improvements and Im looking now forward for the transmit CW version on this amazing app.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015.


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