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Are you guys planning to have Nano for Iphone users?
Just curious

No, There is no such plans at the moment. 85% of the smart phone market is Android so the choice is simple. IOS is also hopeless to work with, for example if you want to publish a bug fix it takes more than a week before it's out to the customers, for android it's about an hour. The only hope for IOS and Win Mobile user is that there will be good development tools available where you can compile the same code for all three plattforms att the same time. Such tools are starting to pop up now. If you do not want to convert to Android, buy a cheap Android for the Nano and use the the Iphone as hotspot.

73 de micke

Hi Mike
I purchased  yesterday  7" Samsung tablet for 149 US at Best Buy took me 2 min to set up all and it's working really good thanks for good product .For how long I have it free before I have to buy licence ?
There is one more thing I would add that is split frequency .
Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year


Trial period is one month.

The plans for the product copied from the website

Whats next ?

my ideas of further development is.

Apps for ICOM and Yaesu, same feature as today.

Make CW transmission possible.

Make it possible to use VFO A/B, Split and Reverse

More controls like RF-gain, PWR, Mic-gain, Comp, Antenna A/B etc.

Merry Christmas
de mike

Running the "E" version, and it works great. But I do miss the TUNE button, since I only have a delta loop antenna ;)

73 de Adde


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