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When you purchase license for Nano, will this work on several Android devises or do you need to purchase a new licens for each type of device or if you select i.e. Kenwood and / or Elecraft.
I have tested my Elecraft  KX3 on com2 and using RRC Micro,  seems to work fine. Will this also work when using Nano.

73 Rune LA7THA

Update 14JAN2015

KX3 is now supported and running on K3 Nano APP. Tested on my mobile phone Samsung s3 and also my Galaxy Tab4. I will say particularly the Nano on my tab4 is a must for a serious DX`er that will check for DX when “surfing the sofa”  

73 from a happy remoterig customer.


Jan (Microbit):
Good to hear!  :)

For the benefits of others reading this go here:


to find information about licenses.

Chris DL5NAM:
Hello Jan,

sorry at give address are not all information's.

What happens if i change get a new celluar? Mostly i get every year a new one. So i must pay with every change the the add on fees ?

73 Chris

No you do not have to buy a new license, send us a email. if we sell so much so it will be a problem for us to handle manually we will make an automatic system

73 de mike

Chris DL5NAM:
Thanks Mike


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