Author Topic: IC-7100 hardware needed on server side  (Read 5368 times)


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IC-7100 hardware needed on server side
« on: 2015-03-24, 12:08:12 »

I fell into the same trap, trying one of the "pirate CT17 emulation cables"
These do not seem to work between RRC and IC-7100 in now see.

So: The only way to run Nano/IC7100 is with a RRC and Icom CT-17 on the server side?

Are there any more things to pay attention to? Does the CT-17 need any programming?
Are there other aftermarket alternatives to the CT-17 that will work?



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Re: IC-7100 hardware needed on server side
« Reply #1 on: 2015-03-24, 12:40:14 »
CT-17 is very simple it's a MAX232 TTL to RS232  converter IC  inside . If pirate cable should be used you have to put an adapter on the RS-232 side to connect power from outside, the RRC cannot power it.