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Is the exclusion of SIP and SIP Audio a function of the phone's manufacturer or is it removed by the phone carrier?  I intend to upgrade my phone in a couple months and would seriously consider changing my provider if necessary.  Is there a list of useable phones as of this date?  Does anyone care to state what their experiences have been in this regard?

Charlie, W4FI


If SIP is blocked, then it is at the carrier level. Some phones have SIP clients, which use port 5060. Although
some carriers try to block SIP in general, just never use 5060 and you will usually be ok.

Bottom line: focus on the carrier side where you live to see if they block VoIP and don't worry about the phone.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Thanks Mitch.  I was afraid of that.  I currently am a Verizon customer.  I have to assume that there are a whole bunch of unfortunate Verizon customers that will not be able to use this software. Bummer!

Fortunately, I have a Nexus-7 WiFi only tablet that allows SIP and works fine. Not as small and compact as a smartphone but workable. Actually, it works darn well.

I still want to persue a capable smartphone so that 3G and 4G are available when WiFi is not. Would anyone care to mention if your carrier allows SIP?

Charlie, W4FI

it not only a carrier issue, some phones do not have SIP support, if you search for the RRC-Nano from a phone without SIP support you will not find the App at all

73 de mike

I use Verizon for my Samsung S3 wireless and my workaround was to download the app OpenVPN. This created a VPN connection and Nano works perfectly this way using a 4G network. When I am done, I disconnect from the VPN.



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