Author Topic: Sound is momentarily interrupted & RRC-1258 is shut down.  (Read 3862 times)


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Basically, remote technology of RRC-1258mkII great.
Have a great support to Mike, I was saved. Thanks so much.

But new problem has occurred. Also I want help.

In LAN have a great work.
Delay, good sound, operability, other
I got the same feeling on which the direct manipulation.

But there is a problem if have connected via the Internet.

1. Audio cuts out many times on the way.
2. Suddenly shut down.

Line is the same even in the optical line not only 3G & LTE.
I have moved the RRC-1258mkII RADIO a different house, but was the same.

My RRC-1258mkII is the same as setting the sample settings.
If you want to remotely via the Internet, whether there is a need to change the item?

Thank you.


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Re: Sound is momentarily interrupted & RRC-1258 is shut down.
« Reply #1 on: 2015-02-24, 08:46:11 »
The RRC can't make Internet better than it is. You can increase the jitter buffer and lower the audio quality settings to be more tolerant against short breaks. Check the manual about how it's done. Interupt which are so long that it shouts down is not much you can do about. If you can choose, it's often better to have the same Internet service provider in both ends to minimize the problem caused by a many involved operators and their gateways between them.

73 de mike