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I was able to grab the Nano-K for my TS-480  but not the Nano-Service Service app from Play Store. I am loading it on to  a new Samsung Tab S which is running 4.4.2. Any thoughts on its compatability on the S version? It is working fine on a Samsung S3 phone using Open Tunnel VPN and on the older tablet. thanks for the help.


Update-I see that the Samsung S-Tab is not compatible with the Service app. The Kenwood app is though. Will there be a version available soon? I'll be happy to be a beta if needed.


This is how it works.
The Service is handling all SIP and VOIP and can only be installed on a phone that support both of them.
The App does not have to deal with either of those things as it just sends requests for calls to the service,
and then the service is actually doing all SIP and VOIP in the background.

Apparently you phone doesn't support SIP or VOIP. Not much we can do about that :(

How do I know if it works if it isn't listed in Play Store for me to install? The four radio specific apps are there, not the service. That is the root problem, not my devices.

- None of the radio specific apps will work without having the service installed as they use the service for SIP calling and VOIP audio
- The service must be installed no matter which radio specific app is used. It handles the SIP and VOIP audio between the RRC and the installed App.
- The service will only install on a phone which supports both SIP and VOIP

So there is no meaning to install the radio specific app if you can't install the service as its the service who do most of the work. The radio specific apps do not use SIP or VOIP them self as the just communicate with the service, which then does the actual communication work (SIP & VOIP).

When I say that you device apparently doesn't support SIP or VOIP, I mean your phone and not the RRC device. There are some models and brands that has SIP and VOIP disabled. If the service isn't listed in Google Play that means that your phone does not support SIP or VOIP. The radio specific apps will be listed as they don't need SIP or VOIP, only the service does.

I will try to find out how to make this more clear on our website. Maybe the best thing would be to force the radio specific apps to be dependent of SIP and VOIP also  (although they actually are not). That way they would not be listed either for a phone without the SIP and VOIP support.


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