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Anyone using the Google Nexus 6 phone with RRC Nano? Is it SIP capable?

Charlie, W4FI

If the RRC-Nano Service is compatible with your device it means that it supports SIP/VOIP

You can check that at Google Play RRC-Nano

I'm afraid that native android SIP stack is not enabled on Nexus 6.


Great news!  I renewed my contract with Verizon Wireless and purchased a Nexus 6 smart phone.  I'm delighted to report that it is compatible with the Nano Software package. It is running Android version 5.1 and has been working with my Elecraft K3 perfectly.  I've recently was able to remote my system in Florida while vacationing in Spain. I'm happy as can be to be able to use this software.  Now, I hope the developer will continue his efforts and add some additional features; transmit audio control, antenna tuner, VFO select etc.  Thanks.

Charlie, W4FI


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