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Nano and Icom 706



When I spoked to Mike at the Eskilstuna hamfest, I got the feeling that Nano and Icom 706 donít work so well together.
I have tested with a small (cheap) Samsung smartphone with the following result:

- turn power on, ok
- turn power off, after a couple times
- change fx, ok
- transmitting, ok
- modulation ssb, ok
- receive, no audio!

Is this "normal" with Icom 706 or is it something else I can do/test?


SM0NEK, Lars-Owe

I guess you are trying without the front panel connected to the radio. That's where it stopped when we tried to make it work with RRC-Micro. We did not find a way to make the radio to send out audio if the front panel was not there.

73 de mike

Yes that's right, and you said so too. But it always fun to test.
Well, case closed!



I've started to play with my 706 now
While I try to find my CI-V cable do I understand this right ,  the control head still needs to be connected remotely or direct attached to the radio body for audio ?

If direct attached, where is the connection to the remote rig box ?

Also when you connect with the Nano app, that turns the radio on ?

Sorry for all the lame questions ....


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I see thit is an old topic but is it an idee to get it work with an extra cable from the fixt oudio out on the 13pin on the back to PC mic in and use skype for the receive oudio or has the 13pin also no oudio without the front connected?


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