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Frequency Readout Problems


I'm using a Nextbook NX7000C tablet and the latest version Kenwood Nano software.  I am finding the frequency control problematic and erratic.  This morning, I can connect to the TS-480SAT remote station and see the last frequency that I left the station on.  Turning the dial does nothing.  Entering the frequency manually does change the frequency of the radio (I can hear the difference in the received signal) but the frequency readout does not update.  The frequency readout stays at the same frequency all the time.  There are times in the past when it worked correctly.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Joe, k1ike

The frequency readout worked OK yesterday for a short while, then began to act up.  Tuning the knob did not cause a smooth up or down of the frequency readout.  Sometimes the readout just randomly changed while turning the dial in the same direction.


Jan (Microbit):
Seems it is some connection problem then since it works sporadically. We could try to connect to your radio if you PM/email us the info needed to connect.


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