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Nano on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with IC-7100


Hi Jan,

Having gotten RRC-Micro to work well I'm now enjoying RRC-Nano with my IC-7100 but I think my license didn't get activated: I foolishly didn't read the directions carefully and went ahead and purchased a license without putting the Radio ID (IDb196) in the comments field.  I'm not sure if I have all the features even activated - how can I tell if the license is active?

Also, it asks for an email account on startup and seems to only work with gmail - is that a part of getting full functionality to work?

Finally, I'm hoping that memory mode is supported so that Nano can be used to access local repeaters remotely -- or that DUP/TONE etc. features could be used in VFO mode.  Not sure if this is possible because I'm not sure if I have all the features activated..


Dave WQ1K


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