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Samsung S6 and Nano


Hi All

I just got my new Samsung S6. Try to install Nano for Kewnood as i use With my S3. I cant find the service APP. After some Reading i found this :"I'm afraid that native android SIP stack is not enabled on Nexus 6.. I Guess this is the same problem on my new S6?. Is there a work around this problem?.

73 Rune LA7THA

Yes. This is a problem on some mobiles where the manufacturer has decided to disable SIP and VOIP.
We are working on a own SIP/VOIP implementation to overcome this problem. Its to early to give any
release date on that.

Hi Roland

Thanks for the explanation and info, I will check the website regularly

73 Rune LA7THA

You can join our Facebook page as all news are published there

There is now a RRC Nano Service Beta 2.0 avaible with our own SIP stack which is written to overcome this problem.
Remember it's a Beta and may have problems though :)


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