Author Topic: Kantronics TNC for Packet Radio  (Read 4228 times)


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Kantronics TNC for Packet Radio
« on: 2015-09-21, 22:23:45 »
Looking to find out if others have had success using a Kantronics TNC via Remote Rig for packet radio.  I'm needing to add packet to a station using a Yaesu 8800 in our local PD & FD EOC.  Questions I have include, best placement for the TNC (I assume on the control side of the RR) and 2 do the com ports on the RR simply pass through data pin to pin on both RRs?  We have a very robust packet radio system in our county and this is addition we hope to make to that system.  Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Re: Kantronics TNC for Packet Radio
« Reply #1 on: 2015-09-21, 23:03:14 »
Hi For protocols with timeouts like Packet radio you better have the modem at the radio end and connect the serial port over the RRC link. if you have the modem at control side you get the internet latency involved which complicate life.

73 de mike