Author Topic: Kenwood TS2000 DSP bandwidth issue  (Read 5799 times)


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Kenwood TS2000 DSP bandwidth issue
« on: 2015-09-30, 22:09:34 »
App sets the bandwidth in my Kenwood TS2000 something I don't understand.
E.g. value in app is 2000, but the rig low cut is 300Hz and hi cut is 2400Hz when in USB mode. If I change the app value to 2200, rig shows low cut 300Hz and hi cut 2600Hz.
How I should interpreted the BW setting value in app?
I'm running app version 1.3.4.
73 de petri


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Re: Kenwood TS2000 DSP bandwidth issue
« Reply #1 on: 2015-10-01, 09:01:54 »
We are using the TS-480 protocol when implementing functions in the Kenwood App, as the TS-480 is probably the most used "Remoterig" radio. We will never be able to support all models of each brand, the App market is far too small for that. So evereyone who consider to buy a App, check with the trial version that the functons you need is working ok before you buy it.

73 de mike