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1216H Feature Request


1) Modify "Only one relay ON simultaneously" so that any relay can opt-out of exclusivity.   Example:  A 1216H used as a 4-square antenna switch controller where only one of four relays is allowed to be on but the 5th relay is independent and controls a switched "L" matching network to switch the array between CW and SSB portions of the band.  In this example, we want relay 5 to turn on/off regardless of the state of relays 1-4.  The present global lock-out really limits use of the 1216H web switch.

2) Add menu for adjustable time delay between switching relays when "Only one relay ON simultaneously" is enabled.  In essence, allow delay from the time a relay is turned on after waiting xxx msec. for the current relay to turn off. 

Paul, W9AC

Jan (Microbit):
Thanks for your suggestions. We will have a look at what it would take to implement those changes.

Jan (Microbit):
We are about to add your suggestions in the next firmware version  8)

Jan (Microbit):

There is a new version with the changes you suggest available if you would like to give it a try:




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