Author Topic: Does the Radio RRC continually poll the Radio  (Read 3653 times)


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Does the Radio RRC continually poll the Radio
« on: 2016-09-08, 19:40:49 »
At the W4AAW remote operation, we are having a high level of N1MM+ "Reset Radio" events, which means the N1MM+ software has gone 15 seconds or more without receiving a response from N1MM+'s polling for frequency/mode information.

I noticed that a 2014 Elecraft firmware update (shown below) says it halts RemoteRig polling when the K3/Mini is PTTed. I've asked for details on what this means, but is there a chance that this lack of response could cause some kind of buffering or data loss in the RRC which then leads to loss of data transfer between the operator-side N1MM copy and the remote K3?

73 John K3TN

MCU 4.93 / DSP 2.83, 10-16-2014

* PSK63 MODE ADDED:  To select PSK31 or PSK63, first tap either end of the MODE switch to select DATA, then hold the DATA MD switch and use VFO A to select the PSK data rate.

* KAT500 POWER-ON REMINDER ON K3 DISPLAY: If a powered-off KAT500 is pulling the auxBus signal low when the K3 is first turned on, "TURN ON KAT500" is displayed. Previously this condition would lock up the K3 without explanation.

* K3/0-MINI TX NOISE REDUCTION:  Polling by Remote-Rig units is suspended during PTT use to reduce a "ticking" noise heard in some cases.

* Changes to synthesizer, KXV3, and KPA3 device drivers (no effect on normal operation).