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Cabling for ACOM2000A with new RCU and RC1216H


Is anybody out there who operates the ACOM2000A with the new RCU? In a setup, the 2000A with the old rcu works perfectly together with the 1216H. When swapping the rcu to the new model, there is no power up possible. Is there any difference in the power-up design between new and old RCU? In the old RCU, the power-up was initialized by closing pin 5 and pin 9 of the RCU-cable. That doesn't work with the new RCU.

Any ideas?

73 de Mark, HB9AZT

Hi Mark

I have not heard before that they have removed the possibility to remote start the AMP. Maybe you can confirm it with ACOM.

73 de mike


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