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Jan (Microbit):
We have added support for profiles making it easy to use the app with more than one radio station. There are also license handling changes that should improve how the app handles an inaccessible license server. We would like beta testers to give them a try and give us feedback how it works.

Kenwood 1.5.1:

Icom 1.5.0:

Yaesu 1.5.0:

Elecraft 1.5.0:

Icom 1.5. works perfectly here.

The only problem that still remains here: tuning accuracy.

The rotary wheel still looses track in steps/position.
It is very hard to exactly tune to a frequency.
Unpolitely described: it feels like a broken opto-encoder...

Most of the time I end up typing in the exact frequency in the freq. pane.


Jan (Microbit):
Thanks for your feedback.

How the rotary wheel "feels" seems to be very much dependent on the device used. It seems Android devices have a very broad range of response time for displays for example. Some of them are fast, while others are slow. Others have a variable response time. I assume you are using the wheel so that when you start rotating it you have the finger on the wheel and while rotating moving your finger in a bigger circle outside the wheel?

Correct, Jan.

On the IC7100 server side I use the "official" Icom CT17.
(don't know if this matters)

On all of my 4 androids the rotary remains very "jumpy"


Jan (Microbit):
The 1.5.x versions will soon be available as release versions.


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