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WiFi Expand and RRC-1258 MKII


I have had a bad Wi-Fi connection on the ground floor, so the acquisition of TP-Link TL-WA860RE Network WiFi Expander. But the RRC-1258 MKII WLAN does not work with this device, why? Browser do I get to catch the Control RRC, but the radio (IC-7100) does not start.

There is no reason why it won't work, but:

a) Make sure the TL-WA860RE does not have DHCP enabled
b) and/or turn DHCP on the control RRC

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Thank you for your information, but have done this and it has not helped the matter.
I can not get the browser to catch the Control RRC jar. Only a USB cable Setup Manager I get the settings to change. I'm trying to change the home-bar ceiling, but it can not keep up, but the device will always switch to the Default profile.

The fault was found! When you close the TP-Link repeater, the radio will start immediately. I need to study the repeater settings yet.
Thanks for the advice!

After unsuccessful efforts to make a TP-Link router work on the remote radio site, I have placed TP-Link products on my red list.
D-Link worked from day one!
/ Gus


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