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RRC 1258 v1
« on: 2016-11-27, 19:23:35 »
Hi everyone,

I have three sets of RRC boxes including a ver 1 pair (I was an early adopter!). The ver 1 set hasn't been used for years and I have forgotten a few key points. Can you help?

I have built the cables and I can get rx audio to transfer over the Lan to my RRC dongle. However, I have serial port issues.

1) What settings/mode do I use for com 0 for the TS2K remote head? Atthe moment I have 57K6, 8, 1,0. Can I mix and match between dongle and head depending on my QTH? If so do I need to change any settings?

2) Which cable/RS232 port (front or back) do I use for CAT thru com 1. I assume it is mode 4 in the latest firmware, but I seem to recall that the ports were interconnected, but one of them needed a crossover cable? All other settings are as per the radio.

Can anyone advise on the ts-2000 settings in general or have a good memory and help me apply them to tthe V1 boxes?
Steve, M0BPQ 


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Re: RRC 1258 v1
« Reply #1 on: 2016-11-28, 12:06:31 »

the settings are the same for v1, here are some more info

You can not alternate without changing settings between Nano and Controlpanel like in the black boxes,you have to decide before. Com1 is on the front and Com0 is the RS232 on the back and it's always in parallell with the TTL comport so you cannot have both connected.