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IC-7100 Woes
« on: 2016-12-30, 21:27:31 »
Greetings all,

I am not able to get my IC-7100 and remote rigs to work at all. I have used RRC's with a TS480 in the past so I am familiar with this hardware but it was some time ago and maybe I am doing something stupid. 

I have an older IC-7100 unit pre Ser #02003001
I have tried with both a newer RRC 1258 Mk2 f/w 2.91
and also an older 1258Mk2 f/w 2.68

They both respond the same way:

I have followed the instructions on page 106 of the manual (Rev A37 2016). I have read this over and over again!

When you press the power button on the radio, there is a relay click sound coming from the radio body and the LED light on the AUX/Mic for a short while but the radio doesn't power up.

I have read about the 1258M module but I am not sure that would stop this from at least powering up.

Anyone have any ideas? I am stumped....


de Ian W6TCP