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Tones and Indicators
« on: 2017-04-28, 15:00:58 »
 I am a newbie to this forum and am having difficulty with getting the config correct. I am using a TS-480 for the radio. What happens is when I try to power up it doesn't power up but a few seconds later it starts beeping. The beeps are 3 rising tones repeated 3 times. Also the yellow indicator on the Mic jack (Control Unit) is blinking yellow constantly with or without the Mic plugged in. If I power cycle the Control it stops blinking until I try to power on again. All the cabling has been checked for correct wiring and operation several times on different equipment. Another question is do both the Radio and Control have to be using an ADSL ISP provider or is a cable ISP ok to use. I have all the ports forwarded on the router for the Radio unit. I am using a Zoom modem router from the cable for internet on the Radio unit and a ADSL TPLINK modem and Netgear router on the Control end.
I am hoping these clues will give one or more of you an idea for what I am doing wrong.

Jim  N0UL
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Re: Tones and Indicators
« Reply #1 on: 2017-04-28, 23:42:01 »

Regarding internet services, I think it is fair to say that the delivery method is immaterial save the requirement that the radio end must provide an external IP address. There is loads of information regarding internet requirements on this forum.

You say you checked cabling and operation several times. Does that mean you set it up on a local network first and confirm your configuration is ok? If it worked ok over a local network then it's possible that you have something wrong in the RRC network config or more likely in your router forwarding rules at the radio end. 

Can you get to the admin page at the radio end? If yes, your DNS setup is ok and you have an external IP and at least one forwarding rule (port 80) in your router is ok. Go to the RRC status page and you can search for your external IP there. You can also check the DNS status - there is a link you can click. You should see your external IP listed.

For a sanity check it can be helpful to put the radio RRC in the DMZ of your router to make sure everything else is ok. If the system starts working in the DMZ then you need to look at your forwarding rules again.

Lots to investigate but certainly not a lost cause.