Author Topic: Network Question-RRC-1258 vs MicroPC/Nano Connection Challenge  (Read 4440 times)


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I presently have the RRC-1258 MkII pair working fine, connected via hardwired to my home network. It also has the wireless module installed and also works fine. If I try to connect to the radio side using the Micro PC program (with the dongle plugged in of course), also connected hardwired, I receive a timeout error. I get the same error trying to connect with the Nano app on two different Android devices wirelessly. As a side note, I can use VPN to get out and connect that way wirelessly on the Androids. That is my clue that ports are being blocked beyond the one assigned device being the RRC. I use SIP port 5060 and 11000 and 12000 respectively for the other ports. I have verified multiple times that the ports and passwords are correct on both ends as well as the DDNS via

I suspect this is a Frontier router (FiOS-G1100) situation that is locking ports to a device but I am at a loss as to why I can't at least get the PC program to connect via a wired or wireless connection and function no differently than the control side of the RRC-1258. I suspect I am too close to this and the obvious is right in front of me. Any ideas from the network pros?



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Hi Gary,

Try changing port 5060 to something else. This port is used for VoIP and is blocked in many devices and routers.  Also make such that SIP ALG is turned off on all routers.

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